Sunday, February 19, 2012

White Holiday Wreath

If you ever make wreaths for decoration you know that the foam green things are EXPENSIVE! While at Micheals I was trying to find a cheaper alternative. I made the wreath below using a MDF formed circle. I think they were only $2-3 and I knew I could make it look like a wreath. I took some quilt batting that I had on hand and wrapped the wreath until I got my desired shape. As you can see below I got a nice plump round wreath out of the deal.

 Then I took the stuff below to decorate my wreath. I started with some white outdoor type fabric ribbon and wrapped the wreath so that all of the batting was covered. I has some string pearls around the house and bought some iridescent type pearls and used the crafting beads to get the final results that I wanted.
Below is the final result - I topped it off with a spray of glitter and it made a wonderful addition to our door. 

I made a Valentine's day wreath out of the same MDF circle - I have  picture on my phone before Brooke decided to make it better and put a TON of pink paint all over it. 

Here it is before Brooke added her special touch!
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