Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hair Bows

All little girls need bows for their hair. When you have 4 little girls like I do you start to wish you learned how to make these bows a lot sooner since they are so stinking expensive at the store, or poorly made and fall apart, or hurt their little heads. So I got a ton of inspiration from Pinterest, here is my board.

By following some pretty simple instructions found on the MANY blogs/websites/YouTube out there in the virtual world and burning my fingers with a lot of hot glue I was able to come up with some pretty cute bows that the girls, Brooke and Dakota especially LOVE.

Some things I have learned - Gator clips are great for all four of my girls hair and stay in well. They work great when I use the corkscrew pom poms with their ponytails. My girls range from having thick wavy hair, fine hair, or very little, 'newish' hair - Dakota does not have a lot of hair, but her hair is very short, fine and wavy.

Also, by covering the gator clips with ribbon (I'll post a pic when I make the next set of bows and link back here; I have a two more valentine's bows to finish up - even if its already past V-day) so that the metal gator clips do not just slip out of their hair.

Using the spring barrettes to make the loopy bows (St. Patties Day bow above) are harder to do when you are using a smaller barrette but still worth it if you have the patience.

The pink bow is using a fatter ribbon, I would not suggest this for the little gator clips as it looks to bulky.

The periwinkle bow is the twins favorite bow and can be worn with most any type of outfit - I need to make a lot more of these. Madelyn, who is 11, also finds these to be fun to put in her hair.

Lastly, hotglue is not my friend when it comes to make corker bows. The easiest way I found to make these were to take cut to size corker ribbons and run a needle and ribbon through the center of each, pull tight, wrap and knot. Cover the gator clip with a coordinating ribbon and hot clue to clip. These are a lot of fun - and less painful on my fingers!

On my list of projects is a hair ribbon holder - I love this one:
Found Here!

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