Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poptab purse

This pop tab purse is what I made my niece for Christmas! It's a very unique and trendy gift for anyone. Madelyn has requested that I make her one and I have someone else wanting to pay me to make her one! These are a lot of fun and can test your patience at times. This particular purse is over 700 tabs. the front panel is 5 rows, the back panel and flap is 9 rows, the sides are 2 rows and then the shoulder strap.

You'll first want to start with a huge stash of washed pop tabs!! I stress this - WASH them before hand it will make it a much cleaner, smoother process.

Next your need some Sharn aka Shirt yarn - made from jersey knit t shirts in your preferred color. There are also many other things that can be made with sharn; check out pinterest to see all the things that are made with it.

Second you need to follow this basic weaving pattern for the pop tabs. I alternated two colors of sharn for this.

After all of your pieces are made then you sew them together. I used a thin yarn, I would not use it again. I would consider some sort of cording that would coordinate with the colors of the sharn.

Once you have completed putting the purse together, you are able to pick some sort of closure, I used a loop made of sharn and a black button.

For my first attempt - I was pleased, I can not wait to tackle another tab project!

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