Thursday, February 24, 2011

Contest Alert!
If you are a memeber of or you are thinking of becoming a member - Now is the time!! They have reached their 1,000,000th post and are giving things away to celebrate - one of which is:

Go to Laura Williams Musings - there will be 4 different winners each winning 4 sets of Coupon Inserts!! Here is what she is giving away:

2/20/11 Red Plum insert
2/13/11 Red Plum insert (this has the HOT $3 Gain Coupon in it)
1/30/11 Red Plum
1/30/11 P&G

Also, if you go to The Coupon Posse' there will be 10 winners - each receiving over $1200 in coupons!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wanted to take some time to tell what you I have been up to:

SICK- is the word in this house - for several weeks. We started with the sniffles, then strep, then the flu, then some more sniffles and now we are on strep again. Madelyn relapsed so if she gets these inflamed tonsils again she will require more testing - but she has tested negative for mono!! Thank goodness.

So in between doing loads of laundry and walking around the house with my lysol I have squeezed in some cupcakes, cookies, chocolate cover strawberries and grapes, a few shopping trips and I made a card!!
Wanna make some of your own? It's Easy!!

Wash and dry your grapes and strawberries. Melt Chocolate in a double boiler, I add about a teaspoon-ish of crisco to the mix to help smooth out the chocolate. Then I dip away...berries are much easier because you hold on to the enitre stem. The grapes - I just dropped them in and spooned them out - bringing them to the side of the pan so excess chocolate comes off. Then I took some white chocolate and melted it and add some food dye gel to get the colors - found out that it was very hard to make red chocolate - but the pink is super pretty. I then poured the colored chocolate into my wiltons piping back with a writing tip and drizzled away. Another sucessful Target Trip
8 boxes of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta 1.13 ea = .63 ea after Q
Glade Candle 2.99 = .99 after Q
2 Rimmel Eye Shadows 2.49 ea = .49 ea after Q
Maalox $3.79 = free with Q plus 1.21 overage ea
Ky 14.99 = 7.99 after Q
Card 2.99 = free w/ purchase of Ky
Garnier Facial Moisturizer 4.99 = .99 after Q

Total order $47.56 after Qs 15.99 minus overage 2.42 = 13.57 plus tax of 2.02 = 15.59 minus the $5 Gift card I earned with purchase of KY

Total for all: 10.59 a 78.5% savings

Cupcakes and Cookies!!
I made a lemon supreme cupcake and sugar cookies with a poured fondant frosting. I decorated the cupcakes by dipping them in yellow fondant allowing to set then I piped the pics/designs in green. For the cookies I spooned the frosting on the cookies allowing to set. Then I piped on the white hearts and Madelyn added all the fun sprinkles we had.

I also took a set of 12 cookies and used the wiltons cookies frosting and wrote I LOVE YOU in 12 different languages for Matt for valentines day. I also made a steak, crablegs, baked potatoes, green beans and salad for our Valentines Day dinner.

Lastly, I made Matt his Valentines day card:

This is a Gina K design's stamp set that I used to make this little card for Matt. I try not to get to frilly with his but it was Valentines Day - so Pink and Red it is!! You are not able to see in the pic but I used a clear irridecent gel pen around all the black edges on the card to give it a little sparkle.

He found the card after I set the following up: He had to follow a train of hershey kisses to the shower to where he found his cookies and the card hanging with a Rose from the shower nozzle. On the inside of the card it said - Now that I have kissed the ground you walked on, Showered you from Roses...Will you be My Valentine? He did say that was cute :)

Thanks for stopping by! Please wish for the germs to leave my house!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Target Shopping Trip!! Total out of my pocket I paid $55.78 ($230.22 before coupons)
Tide release: .99 each coupon
Motrin PM: .99 each after coupon
Lightbulbs - free after coupons
deoderant - free with purchase of soap (I wont stink for at least a year)
Rimmel mascara - $5.49 ea (target gave it to me for $2.24 because it was hung in the wrong spot - I was just not going to even buy it) - after coupon - .24 cents
Candy - BOGO with coupon
Scrubbing bubbles - 3.49 ec (all the other scrubbin bubbles on the right - free with coupon)

The other stuff I didn't have coupons for. I also used a $50 visa gift card that I earned doing a survey) - So basically - I paid for the diapers, wipes and part of the trash bags and got the rest free!!

For those of you interested on how I do this - I get most of my info from each store has a forum and everyone posts the deals they find etc. It's great for coupon matching etc. This is my second round at trying couponing...but I think I have found a way to stick to it!!