Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Target Shopping Trip!! Total out of my pocket I paid $55.78 ($230.22 before coupons)
Tide release: .99 each coupon
Motrin PM: .99 each after coupon
Lightbulbs - free after coupons
deoderant - free with purchase of soap (I wont stink for at least a year)
Rimmel mascara - $5.49 ea (target gave it to me for $2.24 because it was hung in the wrong spot - I was just not going to even buy it) - after coupon - .24 cents
Candy - BOGO with coupon
Scrubbing bubbles - 3.49 ec (all the other scrubbin bubbles on the right - free with coupon)

The other stuff I didn't have coupons for. I also used a $50 visa gift card that I earned doing a survey) - So basically - I paid for the diapers, wipes and part of the trash bags and got the rest free!!

For those of you interested on how I do this - I get most of my info from each store has a forum and everyone posts the deals they find etc. It's great for coupon matching etc. This is my second round at trying couponing...but I think I have found a way to stick to it!!


ashjoy said...

Wow, that is awesome Leona. You are so lucky to live where you can coupon. We don't get coupons here and our grocery store won't take computer printed coupons any longer.

~*Leona*~ said...

Have you considered just ordering coupon inserts online? The cost of the coupons to purchase is much cheaper than the cost of the paper. Ebay can get you a bunch, there are auctions at and I order the entire inserts at times because I get really crappy ones here, or the ones I see online are just better so I order