Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a Week!

To start.....the TAC specials are still current! So, get your orders in, the details are listed below. I am going to try to post some pics of some scrapbook pages that I have been working on probably this weekand, so stay tuned :)

I am currently unemployed, on a waiting list with the temp agency. I am working on my resume currently and hope to get out of the temporary type work.

Madelyn, my oldest is home sick today. I really hope that this will not turn out to be the 5th bout of phenomina since Feb 07.

Last, but not least, our roof to our house is covered in black mold....yes the new roof that is barely 6 months old. So, we are dealing with the contractors, trying to get to the bottom of this....we may have to move out again if they are unable to replace the destroyed roof in sections....for your viewing pleasure (not really) here are a few pics from the destroyed (new) roof.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Putting Leona Back in Business!

I know, a little cheesy! but it is better than a going out of business sale, right?

You may want to browse our new catalog at your leisure at
All specials are also listed here. If i am running any personal speicals they will be listed here. Eventually, I'd like to start sending out a newsletter, but as for now the blog can show you many things including TAC updates.

Now, for the fun stuff!
I am having a virtual open house, as many of you have ben come my customers thorugh the WWW. At this virtual open house you will be able to browse the catalog via Be sure to check out the monthly specials.

I will be holding a drawing for a free stamp set of your choice. I will be drawing 3 names, 1st name will receive a set valued $15.95, 2nd name 10.95 and 3rd name 7.95 FREE!

Here are the ways to earn entries!
*Register at and get 2 entries, if you already registered, then you get them also. Just shoot me an email and let me know.
*Refer a friend (have them register, also shoot me an email so that I know who refered whom) you will get 5 entries.
*Place an order with me by 2-10-08 3 entries.
*Book a Book Party 10 entries
*If your order reaches $30 then you will get 2 entries
*If your order reaches $60 then you will get 5 entries
*If your order reaches $90 then you will get 9 entries
*If your order reaches $100 then you will get 10 entries and hostess benifits.

If you plan to place a $100 order, please order directly through me so that I can make sure that you get the hostess benifits.

Also, I am going to be doing a Virtual Catalog Scavenger Hunt!

This will also have 3 winners. The first person to have the correct answers will get 20% off their order, 2nd wil get 15% and 3rd will get 10% off their entire order!

During the Scavenger Hunt you will be given 24 statements. Eacn answer is a stampset/product that TAC carries currently. The first letter of each item is the letter for that # in the secret message below. The first three to get the 24 correct items and the secret code will get the above mentioned discounts.

1 A way to walk through an area to not be heard
2 A paperset from the Fly with It Collection
3 A set of brilliance dw drops that contain natural colors
4 A long necked animal
5 The name of the "black" ink we carry by Palette
6 An ornamental plant, named in honor of a german naturalist
7 A mental ruler with a non skid base
8 This stamp set contains the stamp "line is an ongoing adventure"
9 A sampler of shapes that have no end
10 What would you call a friend from your past
11 This kit contains 300 metal pieces
12 Mans best friend
13 Chipboard alphabet containing postive and negative pieces
14 A trio of a traditional "easter" icon
15 A stamp set that contains a Judy Garland quote
16 A yummy treat, goes great with cake
17 A name of a popular fruity candy, with a flower twist
18 Name the color of an 80# heavy weight cardstock
19 One of the most memorible days of you life
20 A sticky ink that helps with powders, chalks, glitters etc.
21 A stinky animal
22 A set of stamps you would use for baby scrapbook details
23 Item used to heat embossing powders
24 A stamp set perfect for events thoughtout the year

(each # corresponds to the first letter of each answer to the statements above)

If you are one of the 3 winners, please order directly through me so that I can make sure that the discount is applied.

As always, please enjoy browsing the catalong and ask any questions you may have(Email me at bettyboop032004 at aol dot com). I am keeping these personal specials upen until 2-10-08.

Welcome to my newly edited Blog, since its a new year, I gave the Blog a fresh start! I hope you come back often!