Friday, November 11, 2011

The Best of Volleyball and Soccer

Both Madelyn and Grace played fall sports this year so this kept me very busy driving to and fro from all the games. Madelyn played volleyball. She has developed a nice overhand serve this year. She is turning to be a rather sporty girl. 

Grace came out of her shell this year and played soccer - she really liked it...I really do not like soccer, but I do like how tired she is after playing. She has enough energy for 5 children, so this is really the sport for her!

She is #65

The photo below is from the Volleyball dinner. Madelyn and her silly friends. Left to Right - Cami, Jessica, Marisa, Olivia and Madelyn.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I got some photos of my camera - finally :) and I wanted to share a few from Trick or Treating. I also hope to get some from our Halloween party - the kids did have a great time this year!

Grace (Cleopatra) Rachael (cowgirl) Olivia (Justin Bieber) Madelyn (Spongebabe) Dakota (purple crayon) and Brooke (pink crayon)
Madelyn, Rachael, Teigan and Olivia

Hayden, Grace and Kayden

Dakota and Brooke
Dakota sitting and playing cards with the others trick or treaters :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Candy Wrappers turned Pencil Pouch

The last project I did on my Sunday Craftday was this candy wrapper pencil pouch, also another Pin from pinterest. from Punkin Patterns
I followed the directions from the above mentioned blog. I decided to leave the opening at the bottom of the candy wrapper covers - I will try a different version and use different thred for the next time I do this. I call the one below my prototype. I really like it but I need to figure a few things out with it. I did use bigger candy bags then the ones from the blog, but that is not an issue. I think you could really use any thing in any size that you'd like. I just want to make sure it looks more 'professional'. All in all I am pleased and this one below was ment for Brooke as she loves skittles. I may end up making another for her, or work on this one some more to fix the bottom seam.  (sorry for the unedited photos - they were snapped quickly and I am not thinking I should have put it in my white box that I typically use for photos). 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Upcycled Apron

Also on my crafting day this past Sunday I made another item that I pinned on Pinterest. It is an upcycled Apron. Here is my visual from A girl and a glue gun

I dug out my Thrift store finds / Hand me down pile and found a pair of jeans that would not fit anyone in the house. Some scrap fabric (that I got off freecycle) and my sewing stuff. I followed the directions on the above blog and wella - my new apron below:
This one will be for cooking. I am planning to make another one with on of hubby's jeans and use the bigger pockets to make a craft/painters smock. My sister-n-law and I are also planning to make some seasonal aprons as well. They are so simple and very thick...if you ever watch me cook/craft etc I am a total mess...and I ruin a lot of clothing :) 

Monday, November 07, 2011

New Ironing Table

Good morning! I am so grateful for the people in my community. I use freecycle to look for things that we may need/want before we go out and buy it. It helps keep the landfills less full etc. I am also addicted to this new website to me its like a virtual google with a story board feel. I can find things I like and file them under the board that I like and they make great reference points for me!! 

So - because of Pinterest I have a TON and I mean a TON of ideas brewing in my head. Before I go to the store and buy what items I do not already have - I look on freecycle. In the last week I received wool to make felt, beads, buttons, ribbon, Christmas decor, glass bottles etc. I am just blessed by the people in my community.

I got inspired - and got my Art room cleaned up and yesterday I got started on my projects. 

The first one I got from this Pin from Texas Freckles

I saw this picture (didn't think I needed the directions) and pulled out the following supplies: the cover and foam from my ironing board that just was not working for me (I would start to put pressure on it and it would collapse) I also got out some thread, elastic and pins. 

I sat there, it was early and I was not about to fight with the elastic and adding a trim to slid the elastic thru etc. I did not want the headache. So I went back to the above site and was directed to Oh, Fransson! A TV  tray press board. She used staples - low and behold - with I had the wrong staples or the gun was I turned on the hot glue gun - and set up me table, foam and fabric and glued that sucker on!
Here is my lovely press board! And it works great for my projects!