Monday, November 07, 2011

New Ironing Table

Good morning! I am so grateful for the people in my community. I use freecycle to look for things that we may need/want before we go out and buy it. It helps keep the landfills less full etc. I am also addicted to this new website to me its like a virtual google with a story board feel. I can find things I like and file them under the board that I like and they make great reference points for me!! 

So - because of Pinterest I have a TON and I mean a TON of ideas brewing in my head. Before I go to the store and buy what items I do not already have - I look on freecycle. In the last week I received wool to make felt, beads, buttons, ribbon, Christmas decor, glass bottles etc. I am just blessed by the people in my community.

I got inspired - and got my Art room cleaned up and yesterday I got started on my projects. 

The first one I got from this Pin from Texas Freckles

I saw this picture (didn't think I needed the directions) and pulled out the following supplies: the cover and foam from my ironing board that just was not working for me (I would start to put pressure on it and it would collapse) I also got out some thread, elastic and pins. 

I sat there, it was early and I was not about to fight with the elastic and adding a trim to slid the elastic thru etc. I did not want the headache. So I went back to the above site and was directed to Oh, Fransson! A TV  tray press board. She used staples - low and behold - with I had the wrong staples or the gun was I turned on the hot glue gun - and set up me table, foam and fabric and glued that sucker on!
Here is my lovely press board! And it works great for my projects!

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