Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby Update

Hello Everyone. I had my in depth ultrasound today. Everything looks great. They both weight about 1 pound and are looking pretty healthy. They are both also head down. Baby A on the right side is a thumb sucker and Baby B on the left side likes to interfere in Baby A's photos.
They are 95% certain that they are fraternal twins as they see two placentas. There is a possibility that they could still be identical (if they split very early after conception). Oh and they are both Girls!
These are both Baby A.
Here are profiles of Both Baby A and B.
These are all of Baby B - the tech didn't start printing until baby A was pretty much done :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Some relaxing time!!
This morning I spent some time in my studio working on finishing up some projects that I had started and never finished.

I started these scrapbook pages nearly a year ago. My goal is to make each of my sets of pages more like an art project rather that just sticking some pics on a page. In these pages I did lots of layering, shading and faux stitching. Each leaf, branch and blueberry were shaded individually.
I have also started working on my christmas cards. With the babies on the way I wanted to get started with these projects and get them done well before I need them done including the baby thank you cards and birth announcements.
These Christmas cards are different only in the way I colored them. The one on the left uses watercolor pencils and pigment powder paints. The one on the right I used Tria Pantone and Prismacolor markers.
The 3rd of the christmas cards I have done was the one on the top here that was quick to assmble once all the little snowman parts were stamped and cut.
I will probably make several more different cards to keep me from being bored and accomplish making 50 cards for christmas.
Time to get back to the studio :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Trip to Denver Colorado.

I have made two business trips to Denver over the last two months to assist in training our new office. It was a great opportunity for me and I am glad that my job gave me the opportunity to do so. While there I was able to get several pictures of the beautiful city:
To the right is a picture of the Denver Airport - It looks like it is covered in a lot of tents - pretty neat.

This is the view of the Rocky Mountians from the office I was training it. Its a pretty stunning view - I wish I has that here in Ohio - all I see outside our office is the freeway :)
Here's another shot.

Another thing I had never seen before (other than books and movies) were all the mounds on the side of the road for the prarie dogs - my girls were excited to see them :)