Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Princess Party!

Today Madelyn and Grace had a Birthday Party to go to - My friends Daughter turned 4 and there is a children's salon near where I work that has kids birthday partys. Each of the girls got to wear a spa robe or a princess dress and they each got an updo plus all the traditional games, food and cake! It was a great party!! Below are a few photos of the girls:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sponsors Needed – Pull a Fire Truck – Special Olympics
Hello Everyone!
This year Troy Twp. is taking 4 teams to the Geneva Grape Jamboree to pull a Fire Truck! This is a fully loaded Fire Engine that are pulled 12 feet with a rope and teams of 10! I participated for the first time back in 2006! It was a blast. We took the first all female team that year.

This year we are taking a mens, womans and 2 co-ed teams.
We are looking for sponsors to raise $1200 to take with us to support the Special Olympics!
To Donate Please Click Below: