Friday, April 17, 2009

New and Upcoming TAC Specials!
Here is a list of current and upcoming TAC specials - email me or post a comment if you are interested in any of the speicals.

Here is a list of TACs current discontinued list: here! These stamps will be gone as of July 1st.

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TAC™ Promos

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No Time to Stamp :(

But I did have time to glitter :) When I couldn't find a peep stamp at the store - I went searching online to see what I could use to make my peep treat bags for the girls and their cousins.

I found a solid peep stamp - I printed it, traced it on my lightbox, scanned it back into the computer and the used Paint to make my 5 bunny image then I printed what I needed. It was a little more work than I wanted to do - but it was worth it! The kids loved their bags.
This picture was taken of the girls at the end of March. The babies are growing like weeds and the big girls look older each day.

When we had a nice warm day out - Grace and Papaw decided to get their toys out and play - they chased each other in the driveway for at least an hour - and if I recall Grace slept well that night!

Here is a cute picture of Madelyn and Grace coloring easter eggs.

Easter morning! I found those huge suckers at Walmart for a $1 each - actually between Micheals and Walmart I think that is what most of the items in their baskets cost! The Easter bunny is getting so thrifty!

I got all the girls dressed up on Easter - I wanted to get some good photos of each of the girls and some with their papaw. This may be his last easter with us and I wanted to make sure we documented it. He knows this will be his last and I could tell it bothered him a lot!

I got the babies these cute bows for their hair - because no matter how much pink I put them in everyone calls them boys!!

I am now selling AVON - the extra cash is always nice, Avon always has a great selection of gift ideas - great for a mom with no time to get out to shop - and with the huge pile of hospital bills anything will help. You can see a current catalog at