Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Just a quick post - a card I recently made.

<-----Here is a close up image of the coloring on the card I made for a friend. I used her wedding colors as inspiration :)

She is going for a candy theme - I can not wait to complete an invite for her wedding!

Friday, March 02, 2012

DIY sewing lables

I often sew things for my girls. I also have always thought it would be cute to have a handmade tag to go with it. I saw this on a blog here.  I created a little something in Microsoft Word. It has my initials LAC and over laying that says Stitched with Love along with the address to this blog. I got them to print on the reverse onto iron on transfer paper.
Once I decided on the length of the tag, (I used a white polyester ribbon for these) I cut a bunch of the ribbon along with the iron transfers. I cut theses as tight as I could to the image so that they fit the ribbon width that I had cut.
I iron the transfer to the right side of the ribbon.
This is what the tag would look like with the transfers on.
I took a new tag and sewed it into Grace's apron.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

DIY Lightbox

I have been wanting some clearer, crisper images of the items that I posted on my blog. After searching on Pinterest I found directions to create my own light box for this purpose.

I came across this. I made my variation of it as you can see below:

 I started with a box I had laying around. I took my square rule and used that to mark off my openings. I hate measuring so I just laid the rule on the corner and two sides, traced the ruled, flipped the ruler and repeated. This gave me cut outs that each had the same width of box remaining on the edges.
 I then took some tongue depressors to reinforce the edges. I knew I would be putting weight on top of this box so I wanted to make sure it could hold the weight. I glued these on both sides of the cardboard.
 This I took some white muslin and lined both the inside and outside of the box. As you can see in the next photo you can see that I am not using a typical light source. When I went to Kent State, in their fashion design program, we were advised to have a light box for figure drawing. Once we mastered our figures we were able to use the base drawing with our light box so that we may draw clothing to the proper dimensions.

Below are a few pictures I snapped  - I love how clean they look with little background noise. 

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Please Remember

I had not anticipated the lack in posts for the last few days. Nothing seemed appropriate to allow to post on my behalf. 

On Monday, February 27th, 2012 a kid came into my Alma Mater and opened fire in the High School Cafeteria. 6 were wounded, 5 needed immediate medical attention. 3 have now passed away due to their injuries. 

Not only does this touch home for me because I graduated from this school, I also have every intention of having my children graduate from this school as I felt I received a great education. But I also am close to a family whose son passed away. Please keep the King family as well as all the families affected by this tragedy in your prayers. 
I have over 500 friends on Facebook, many in which I met while attending Chardon schools - the pictures you see posted here today are what you see through my feed on Facebook - nearly 200 of those friends have all changed their profile picture to a photo such as these to show their support. The vigils are amazing and the support these students have received has been amazing. People all over the country have change their profile photos to show their support. 

 According to the prosecutor this was not planned, these children whom were injured were picked at random. This was not about bullying or drugs. Because of the internet and social media - there are many stories out there that at this point a speculative. Students whom witnessed the shooting said this kid what not just shooting randomly, but looked as if he had targets in mind. Many have said this was about some fake drugs sold to him, others say he may have been bullied or this was over a girl. Some say that the girl whom was also shot was also an ex of the shooter. Who really knows at this point? I can only by what is being stated by investigators. I do feel that this was premeditated, regardless if targets were in mind; this child planned how he was going to go to this school and just shoot people. He took a knife as well - I am glad we will never know how much worse this could have gotten if the staff at CHS had not responded in the manner in which they did. I do know that it is the intentions of the prosecution that they will charge this child as and adult for the crimes he committed.

Please keep the families of this tragedy in your prayers!
Rest in Peace Daniel Parmertor, Russell King Jr, and Demetrius Hewlin
You are most defiantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zipper Pouches

Aren't these the coolest little bags! I made one some time back with the Skittles wrappers; now that I figured out the 'issues' with how I made it. I was able to alter the project to work for me.

Directions here
Big Time Rush - Grace's FAVORITE. So I took some images I found online, printed them onto iron transfers, transferred the images to some white fabric I had. Then I attached the iron on vinyl, sewed, lined etc to make her a custom pencil pouch - she was a very happy girl!


So, for Madelyn, she got her 'love' Taylor Lautner. I followed the same process as above. I now have to make another Taylor one and a Justin Bieber one for her friends.