Thursday, March 01, 2012

DIY Lightbox

I have been wanting some clearer, crisper images of the items that I posted on my blog. After searching on Pinterest I found directions to create my own light box for this purpose.

I came across this. I made my variation of it as you can see below:

 I started with a box I had laying around. I took my square rule and used that to mark off my openings. I hate measuring so I just laid the rule on the corner and two sides, traced the ruled, flipped the ruler and repeated. This gave me cut outs that each had the same width of box remaining on the edges.
 I then took some tongue depressors to reinforce the edges. I knew I would be putting weight on top of this box so I wanted to make sure it could hold the weight. I glued these on both sides of the cardboard.
 This I took some white muslin and lined both the inside and outside of the box. As you can see in the next photo you can see that I am not using a typical light source. When I went to Kent State, in their fashion design program, we were advised to have a light box for figure drawing. Once we mastered our figures we were able to use the base drawing with our light box so that we may draw clothing to the proper dimensions.

Below are a few pictures I snapped  - I love how clean they look with little background noise. 

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