Friday, March 02, 2012

DIY sewing lables

I often sew things for my girls. I also have always thought it would be cute to have a handmade tag to go with it. I saw this on a blog here.  I created a little something in Microsoft Word. It has my initials LAC and over laying that says Stitched with Love along with the address to this blog. I got them to print on the reverse onto iron on transfer paper.
Once I decided on the length of the tag, (I used a white polyester ribbon for these) I cut a bunch of the ribbon along with the iron transfers. I cut theses as tight as I could to the image so that they fit the ribbon width that I had cut.
I iron the transfer to the right side of the ribbon.
This is what the tag would look like with the transfers on.
I took a new tag and sewed it into Grace's apron.

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