Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Candy Wrappers turned Pencil Pouch

The last project I did on my Sunday Craftday was this candy wrapper pencil pouch, also another Pin from pinterest. from Punkin Patterns
I followed the directions from the above mentioned blog. I decided to leave the opening at the bottom of the candy wrapper covers - I will try a different version and use different thred for the next time I do this. I call the one below my prototype. I really like it but I need to figure a few things out with it. I did use bigger candy bags then the ones from the blog, but that is not an issue. I think you could really use any thing in any size that you'd like. I just want to make sure it looks more 'professional'. All in all I am pleased and this one below was ment for Brooke as she loves skittles. I may end up making another for her, or work on this one some more to fix the bottom seam.  (sorry for the unedited photos - they were snapped quickly and I am not thinking I should have put it in my white box that I typically use for photos). 

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