Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spinning Leprechaun

I got another SCS challenge done! I am excited about finding the time to do these again!! For this card; which came together as I worked it out. I couldn't 'see' this in my head like I can with other cards - all in all - I Love it!
This card includes the following challenges:
Free for All F4A103 - use a rainbow in some way
Ways to Use it WT362 - Bountiful Borders
Inspirational Challenge IC323 - pick an image from the ones offered and let it inspire you.

In the IC323 one of the pictures were of some rainbow colored chairs (above) which caught my eye and it also worked with the F4A103 challenge.

In the photo below you'll see all the stuff used to create the card (minus the boarder scissors, cardstock, SU Craft White ink, and a stamp set by the Angel Company). It is hard to see - but in the lower right corner there are two sizes of pop dots. One is pretty thin and is out of pop dots - but I use the entire sheet anyway - I just cut what I need in strips. This works great when you want some height and because i use strips it does not collapse.

For this card I used a rainbow of Palette Inks: Noir, Violete, Iris, STarry Night, Giverney Green, Sunflower, Orangerie and L'Amore Red. I also used Tria Pantone and Prismacolor markers to color the leprechaun.
I first cut the black cardstock to size, stamped the white shamrock background, then trimmed with the boarder scissors. I used the CM cutting system to cut the black apart into two pieces; then mounted on the base.That is where the little clovers are. Then that is when I decided to make a penny slider card. I took the CM cutting system and cut the track for the penny. Because I had to cut thru the two layers of cardstock I placed a layer of black cardstock on the backside of the front. I used the foam sticky strips that I cut from the old pop dot adhesive.This gave room for the penny to be able to slide on its track. I used a wide popdot to hold the two pennies together then glued the leprechaun to the penny after he was colors and cut. 

Here is a little clip of the leprechaun spinning. 


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