Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Crayons

Sorting and Peeling the crayons

The crayons chopped and separated
I LOVE Crayons! My girls had a gallon sized ice cream bucket full of crayons. Many were from when I used crayons - so nearly 15+ yrs old. We had all sorts of colors - mainly Crayola. As you can see in the above photos it was a process - shorting, peeling papers, chopping and bagging the individual colors. Then we put broken crayon pieces in the little compartments. Each of the girls picked color was fun. 
I did this project because they had a lot of crayons - many broken and I found 4-5 brand new boxes of crayons so I thought it was perfect to use the older crayons for a fun project. (*side note* Brooke had decided to break 90% of those new crayons - so I am looking for a good price on crayons....probably when the back to school sales start.
Melting Crayons in a silicon form

Bake at 265 degrees for about 6-8 minutes. Be careful with the silicon forms - or use a cookie sheet underneath. It is hard to remove the form from the oven without the possibility of spilling the crayon wax everywhere. I got the directions from here. (There are a lot of other fun things on there to make at home for your kiddos.)
Here are a few of our finished crayons that we made. Some of our color combos were red, white and blue, orange, purple and green, brown and cream, red, yellow and orange, white, red and gray and the last one is pinks and reds with a few spots of gold and gray...they slipped in there. I have a TON of crayon pieces left. So, I think I will make more - I have a cute snowflake mold that would make some fun shaped crayons! When I make those; I'll be sure to post them!Pin It

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