Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest ROCKS

 Yes this stain is GROSS - almost wanted to rearrange the furniture to cover it.

I saw this on Pinterest!

This is the gist: 
You take equal parts of Ammonia and Hot water (I used boiling). Spray stain liberally, place white towels over the spot and then iron the spot. I keep the iron there until it stops steaming. 

I started with the big stain pictures above:

After I sprayed and towel steamed - you can see that half of that big old thing was already gone!
Here's another spot

Well - la! Gone!

Here is a picture of the area I worked on after I filled a mop bucket with dirty white rags!

I am pretty impressed for my first pass through with this concoction. I see that certain areas need multiple passes but this is defiantly a secret I will make sure my daughters knows.

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