Monday, February 25, 2008

The Things we do for Our Children....
But, first let me tell you what Matt Jr did.

This morning/early afternoon I was helping Matt with a lot of paperwork so that he could go and deliver several applications. We were all over the house. Grace must have taken our lead and was going between the Basement, Toy Room and Studio all morning. Every so often I would make sure that she was in fact in the basement with Grandma. Well this last time she wasn't there. So, I started calling, Grace where are answer. So, I said I was calling 911 and have them come look for her...(which usually works) answer.

Then I got this major whiff of nail polish. So I went to the sitting room off the Master, the door was locked. Great, now I have to find the key which is never where they should be. Opened the door, and saw Grace on the floor in front of the dog cages with her daddy's dry erase board....which wouldn't have been so bad has she not dumped the entire bottle on the board and painted a picture with it. So, I made her help me clean it up. After we got all the nail polish up we started to put daddys stuff away.

We turned to look at Rhylie in his cage to see him eating the face off of her buddy. The ears were already gone. As many of you know Grace has two prized posessions in the world, her binki and Buddy which is a stuffed Giraffe that was given to her as a baby. She has carried him everywhere. He has been through everything with her...through the teething stage, puking etc. Our friend Kevin, knowing the importance of Buddy, search the house for Buddy after the fire. He stunk for days because after all she had been through he wasn't going to leave her side.

My friend Kristen brought her another Buddy, but she knows better and that is now named Buddies sister. (She is pictured above with Buddy...pre cosmetic surgery).

We found her this morning and she was thrilled with her until she started to get tired. Then I heard her crying, I found her sitting on the kitchen counter, with her face buried in her hands and crying "my buddy was eaten". So, I turned in to Dr. Leona and applied stitches to buddies face and opened his head to insert the new ears I had constructed out of felt. She was so thrilled to see him with Ears. He is now recovery nicely, has has a bath in the washing machine and is now being fluffed in the dryer. Here is buddy now (well before his bath):

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Cathi said...

Awwww, such a great story, and such a great mommy! He looks even cuter glad Buddy is ok!