Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cookies are Sorted!
Madelyn sold about 168 boxes of cookies and I sorted them this morning. It wasn't to bad of a task and I was only stiffed on 3 boxes.

The job front is looking a little better as well. I should be starting a temp position on Monday. (I will know today or tomorrow for sure.) It is not with Progressive, but a company closer to home. The position is suppose to last until June, so that does give me time to find something permanent as well. Plus the checkbook may start loving me again :)

I haven't shown off my floors to everyone, but you can see in the top left hand corner my floors. I really love this type of flooring but I never would have thought it would have even been an option. Plus, when you hear the idea of seconds flooring you think I do not want somone else's floor. But it an aspect that is what I have. I have all the cut offs of over 20 different types of wood in 6 different sizes and stained oh naturale :) Well, its time to start getting the projects done that I have been wanting to get down before I went back to work....I better get started.

Edited to add another Matt Jr moment....
(an attempt to edit this post last night failed due to the weather)

She strikes again! After dinner, or while Matt and I were still eating, Grace came upstairs with my brother. We assumed that she would be playing the PS2 while he was up here. Well you know what Assuming gets you!

Matt and I cleared the table, I was getting ready to go to the studio to work, he was going to read for school by the fire. Next the we know, my brother brings Grace downstairs to show us what she was doing.

Please without further ado, Grace's interaction with a smelly marker (thank goodness it was Crayola washable).

Yes, that is her smelling the marker and if it smells goog up the nose, then it must make the pits smell good too.

Then I sit here and think, 7 yr olds really are not so bad, but I realized I have been doing a lot of posting on Grace and not Madelyn. Probably because even though Madelyn is more like me, it seems that Grace has all of my blunders where things just happen to her all the time.

Madelyn is doing very well is school, she has completed the entire 1st grade reading program and it work on writing a story at school so they can have a book made. Pretty cool. I am in the process of writing a letter to her to be put in her book as a surprise. I will probably get this done this week since I should be working on Monday. Here are some pictures of Madelyn from her Valentine's Day Party. One is of her and her sister (yes that is a full mouth of cupcake) and her friend Teagan.

Just as I was about to publish, out of the corner of my eye I saw a gush of snow blow past my window. The trees do look very pretty, but I am ready to have some warmer weather. We can get our yard fixed up from the past year of wear and tear from the contractors. We will get our roof replaced. The deck needs some powerwashing....there are still char stains on it. We are going to be pulling up parts of the deck to do some water proofing in the basement. We are also installing the electric dog fence and possible have our pig roast this summer.

I love to throw parties, I love to have people over. I am very much more apprecitive of my friends since my last year I have needed many of them frequently. I even want to throw an Anniversary Dinner for Matt and I in March for our 5 year, at the place we had our wedding reception. I really want to pull that off. But, it would interesting to see it turn out bigger than the first time. Anyway, I need to stop daydreaming and get to work. I will leave you with some pictures of my backyard. I grew up in Hambden/Chardon, the heart of the snowbelt, now I live in Burton and I'd say its about the same.

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