Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I wanted to take some time give you guys a quick update.

I haven't had anytime to really stamp lately - I miss it, but I find that if I am in the studio I am up and down too much and that does not work while you are suppose to be on bedrest. I am very happy at this point to be on just general bedrest - and not completely restricted. I typically sit all day long and evening - I find that I am more comfortable sitting they laying down (except I get a numb butt). I get very sore sides from laying too long and it is too hard to roll over at this point. So, laying in my bed at night is laying enough at this point.

The braxton hicks contractions are still happening - but if I have 5 within an hour I can take a Brethine and that typically keeps them away for about 6 hours - or keeps them few and far in-between.

I am lucky enough to sill be able to work from home - so that really keeps the stresses down - no work = no money so hopefully I will be able to continue to work until they are here.

I see the doctor again on Thursday. The girls will get measured to make sure they are growing - the bigger they get the better!! Hopefully I have not dialated anymore. I a sure I will then go back again in another week to have this test repeated that will determined with decent accuracy as to wether or not I will go into labor within the following 2 wks. If that is the case - then I should make it to the 24th - at that point I should be off bed rest and can have the girls safely at that point. I am not sure if they are going to do any steriods for the girls lungs at this point - I am sure we will be discussing that more on Thursday.

Sunday was the babyshower / superbowl party. It went very well. My friends Lisa and Chrissy did a great job pulling it off! It is great to have such wonderful friends!

One goal of the shower was to get us on a great start with diapers:
This is what 1322 diapers and 972 wipes look like - and when I went through more stuff last night I found yet another pack of newborn diapers!
Click here to see photos from the shower!

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