Friday, February 13, 2009

Another update:
I a now 32 wks 3 days pregant. I went to the doctor yesterday. The girls are both head down and are about 4.5 lbs each. They both are looking great. Our concerns are just gettng them to the point that their lungs are a-ok. The fetal fibronectin test came back negative which is good but I am on complete off my feet restriction for the next two weeks based on my exam in the office I am 2 cms dialated. I am still able to work so that is great since that doesn't require any standing or being on my feet.
My feet are very swollen - there isn't a whole lot that can be done about that either. I just keep them up as much as I can. I have bad chin splints too - and achy joints. I guess I didn't to fee any of this because I didn't with the other two girls.
The doctor told me I am as pregnant as a woman with a single child at 39 wks. So she knows how I feel.

We got the crib all set up, here is a photo of the crib:
And one of the girls - Baby A (Brooke) is the one on the top. She is facing up the photo is hard to tell - but she has her little mouth open. Baby B (Dakota) is on the bottom. she is on her side and is a little more photogetic.

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Sarah said...

Well, I am posting this almost a week after you posted. So, now you are over 33 weeks! Wow! This is just so fun to follow. I loved seeing your ultrasound pic and the beautiful crib!
So sorry you have to deal with swollen feet and such. Glad you're keeping them up when you can. It's so great to hear how well the babies are doing; I am keeping you all in prayer especially for those little lungs to develop enough before delivery.
I hope you'll get a chance to post again soon- I love following your progress.
Stay well and take good care of the 3 of you :-)
And give lots of hugs to those three big sisters, too :-)