Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are almost to 34 weeks!!!

Since I really can not do too much because of being on bedrest the most I can do with this blog is keep you updated on how things are going.

Tueday is 34 wks which means I can deliver at my hospital here locally with slim chances that they would have to go to downtown Cleveland to Rainbow Babies and Children's hospital. This past Thursday I went to the doctor - she felt that I should be able to keep these little ones in until 36 wks. They are getting to the point of which it is too hard to keep decent ultrasound photos. They are both weighting about 5 lbs each. I was 3 cms dialated and 70% effaced. She told me that if I had more than 5-6 contractions to take the Brethine and if they continued through that to call her and I would get some steroid injections.

Friday even that is what happened so I was admitted for 24 hours so that I could get some steroids for the babies. At that point I was still 3 cm dialated and 80% effaced. So technically I have been diagnose with preterm labor. I was on the brethine around the clock from 4 pm to about 8 am the next morning. My heart rate sky rocketed and I had rapid breating rates - so they took me off the brethine as long as they contractions laid low.

They did until I got home last night. I took a brethine and then had about 6-8 contractions an hour. These were probably brought on from the steriods. I was able to take a tylenol pm to help sleep and was up every few hours for potty breaks. The babies have not been moving too much today and I have had a lot of pressure in my lower back. Baby A is in he canal and is face up. I am thinking that is where the most of my pain is coming from. The contractions have subsided to about 2-3 per hour - no real intensity in them. My goal is to get to the 48 hour mark of which the first dose of steriods were administered - that would be 8 pm tonight. Studies have showed that getting to this point will be the most benificial for the girls and anything longer than that would be better.

Madelyn left of a indoor water park this morning. She is hoping that I do not have the babies prior to her coming home tomorrow.

Grace is excited about the girls - but also seems a little 'set' aside about things. I think once they are here she will feel better.

Matt transfered our saltwater tank to our original freshwater tank and put the freshwater in the saltwater tank. Now that we have done that our clownfish have spawned a million eggs so it seems. If all goes well we should have baby nemos in about 5-6 days. Grace loves that we will have babies soon.

Well that is it for now - I will keep you all posted - and one day some stamping stuff should start grazing this blog again.

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Sarah said...

I am so glad you posted! I have been checking and hoping for an update.
That is great that the babies are about 5 lbs.! And 34 weeks- way to go! We'll just keep praying for another day, and another day and any more you can get. But it sounds as if you are doing pretty well, all thing considered.
Thanks for updating- hopefully you can keep posting as you are on bed rest. (You are using a laptop, I assume!) :-)
Hang in there! Prayers continuing for you all!