Friday, February 27, 2009

Gifts Galore!!

I have been very blessed with the people in my life - I have always had way more friends than family that actually cared - but recently I have have become more aware of who are my true friends!! These are the people who are my family.

My coworkers put a shower together for me - of course I was not able to attend because of being on bedrest restrictions from work. They sent me a wonderful card and a gift card - we were able to buy the car seats that we needed with it.

My Dork sisters sent me a surprise shower is a box - I got the cutest (large I may add) diaper bag that I am sure will house the necessities for the girls along with some very cute hand made goodies (booties, hats, baby book) and bibs, stuffed animals and a very generous gift card too. Plus you can not beat the beautiful array of cards that they sent me.

This will help us buy the rest of the stuff for the girls nursery - I am very exicted to get that stuff and get it set up for the girls!!

I am so thankful to know so many people that are so generous! I am very lucky to know so many great people! Thank you all - you have touched me deeply!


Chef Mama said...

We love you little Dork Mama! It's fun to see it all put together!

BethH said...

OOooo, it turned out beautiful! Look at everything! I love it! We love you.....and can't wait to meet these babies in cyberspace or IRL. Hugs!

Lindam530 said...

You are so welcome Leona and "the girls". Hope that you are doing ok and I too, cannot wait to meet those precious little ones someday.

Stampin Cats said...

I hope it would be safe for the girls to be born on Saturday. That is my birthday.

Pam's Pride said...

What is the update?? How are you doing??