Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Polymer Clay Anyone?

I have decided to add more things to do in my "now" clean room :)

My friend Pam makes the cutest things for her daughter and posts on her blog. I have seen her polymer clay jewerly that she makes for her little one and I just had to take a stamp at it.

Tonight I just made a what the called a "cane" it was my first attempt to get a "flower" look as per Madelyn's request. Tomorrow night I will bake the beads and make them into a bracelet for her and her sister.

This is when I rolled up tiny snakes that I wanted to be inside my bead. After I rolled them individually I stacked them like so.

Then I picked out my outside color and rolled out flat to warp around my pile of snakes. I really want to get a pasta maker as rolling this out by hand was a pain :)
Once I rolled out my outer color I think rolled it around my interior colors, then rolled them out on the counter to create a bond so that it looked like one piece.
Then I sliced the beads and pierced them so they could be strug for the bracelet. Tomorrow night I will back them and turn them into the bracelets that they girls are very excited about!


Stampin Cats said...

Invest in the pasta maker. It is worth it even if it is not on sale. That is too funny. I have met Pam. Her kids are so well behaved. I talked Pam through her first piece. She didn't prep her clay before she made her ladybugs.

Pam's Pride said...

Leona, you did an awesome job on your clay beads!! We still need to get together and do some stuff!!!