Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pig Roast...more like Mudding!
This past weekend we went to our friends annual Pig Roast. Minus the rain and hail storms it really wasn't that bad :) Since the girls did not go with us we took our 4 wheeler and ran through a lot of trails that are on our friends property! We had a blast getting very muddy!!

Matt and I got into an accident where we both fell off the 4 wheeler. We have great friends who helped me to my feet. I felt my worst on Monday but have gotten better progressively since then. I just hurt now in the center of my back, right at the base of my ribs.
The pictures are of as follows: Above, this is Chrissy and I, after round one in the mud! Below is the 2 guys, Matt and Tom cleaning up after our first trip out.

Here are the four of us after the 3rd trip out....Just think how I looked after I feel into the mud :)

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