Monday, July 21, 2008

This kids have been bugging us for about two weeks to go fishing....then the men in our family decided that last night was the night to drag all the kids to the pond to fish. I do not have a pole but I still had a blast watching the kids catch seaweed and bluegils. Then I decided to take my brothers pole and see if I could still cast it out! It was just like riding a bike :)

My neice Jocelyn thought kissing her first fish was going to bring her more fish....I do not think she caught anymore for the evening.

Coy caught about 8 Bluegils yesterday. He was out top catcher for the evening :)

Cayden caught several fish for the night and then he thought it would be more fun to hand with me and try to catch frogs with the net.

Madelyn only caught one fish...she was a little dissapointed. I told her I'd teach her how to use a lure to catch the big ones :)

Kayden and Grace both caught the same fish :) Matt helped them real in a fight that they already had caught so the two little ones could experience rolling in a fish....I think they are going to catch on rather quickly that they were helped.

This is the big guy that I caught (I was the only adult to catch anything other than a Bluegil). I caught him with my tadpole/frog lure. The one below that is belly up had swallowed my hook and worm...needless to day he is fillet in my fridge right now :) All in all we had a fun night!

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