Saturday, July 12, 2008

Long Time No See :)
I have been meaning to get on here for some time to share with you my crazy life!!
Since May I have gotten my full time position with FIS. I am a property preservation processor. Basically we are the people that help "preserve" homes that have been taken back by the bank. This past week I covered for my Billing Team Lead. It was interesting task but I really liked it. I realized how much more that I really know. I am happy that FIS has given me the opportunity to show them what I am capable of. Starting Monday I am back to my regular duties...I hope that I do not get bored.

This is from my Supervisor "Nice job this week. I was very impressed with the way you handled everything. I greatly appreciate all your efforts." So, I hope that I can move up to a team lead very soon!!!

The girls have been enjoying their summer and are very tan to show for it! It seems to be more fun for them because they have 4 cousins to play with instead of 1 like they are used to.

Here are five of the cousins: Kayden, Coy, Jocelyn, Madelyn and Grace. The one that is not pictured is Cayden (yes and they are brothers.....My future sister in law has a son named Cayden and my brother in law has a son named Kayden), Cayden is pictured below. I took this picture of the kids a few weekends ago and then I printed it as a black and white photos onto white tissue paper and created a 6x6 time for my mother in law. See below:
We have spent quite a bit of time in the pool this year which is great seeing that last summer we were in the midst of rebuilding the house, here is a pic of the girls in the pool:We were going to go camping over the 4th, but our tent never made it here on time. The tent we had must have been stolen when the other stuff was stolen back in October. So the girls got to ride in the Parade in a Limo and threw out candy with their cousins. Afterwards they got to see fireworks at the local fairgrounds. Here they are in the limo:
And while I am at it....a picture of the tent that came a few days too late:
Kayden had his 3rd Birthday on the 7th, here are a few photos from the festivities:

Also, in the last few weeks that I have been MIA we have been beautifying the yard. We have been trying to get our property back into shape since the fire and all the construction. We had a water back up in the yard so it has been dug up so that we could run all new drains. We also got some flowers planted and my litte pond that Matt made me finally has lilly pads growing in it!
Today I saw a poor tattered Monarch Butterfly. It was beatiful to see even if he had been through a battle. I got out my camera and played around with some of it's features. I got a few good pictures.
Oh, and Last week, my future sister in law went back to Michigan and was granted with the joint custody of her son Cayden and was able to bring him back to Ohio for the rest of the summer. Today him and Grace played he is:

Lastly, I did get some stamping done. I was in the DORK technique swap and I did a cracked glass card to swap out with everyone. I found a new set of Clear Stamps at Walmart and used them with these fun flowers I got from the SCS Wish RAK group. I also used the Paisley Paper from TAC that matched my flowers. Since I did not have UTEE to do the cracked glass I just used about 4 layers of EP to build up the layer before I let it cool for a while and then "cracked" the EP to look like cracked Glass.

Now I am off to work in the studio. I would like to get some updated photos online for all of you to see!

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