Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hello Everyone!
The Power is back on!
We lost power Tuesday night and we got it back early this morning, about 3 am. Thank goodness....over 24 hours without a shower....I did not want to go to work ripe!
So, we hooked up our generator (and went through a lot of gas....and gas stations were running out of gas here too.) We used the generator to run the 2 refrigerators, the freezer, a TV, a small heater and some small little appliances that we could cook on. I am so happy that we also had the gas fireplaces installed or we would have froze to death!
Last night when I got home, Matt was finishing up some homework and the day light was wearing thin so I found all the candles I could find (since all of our lights are installed in the ceiling and we have very few lamps) so he could finish. Then my brother, the girls and I were playing Uno to play in the dark(well by candle light)! Then Grace wanted a cheese stick and here is how the story went:
Grace: Mommy can you open it?
Mommy: yes
Grace: Can you peel it?
Mommy: down the middle?
Grace: yes
Mommy: here you go
Grace: thanks mom.
Then Grace was dancing around eating her cheese stick. Then I hear
Grace say: Mmmmm this is good. So, I turned to her and said
Mommy: give me a bite.
So, Grace reached out her hand to me with half of her cheese stick in it and said
Grace: here! eat my slobbers
Mommy: No! and I reached for the other half in her other hand and took a bite.
Grace then says: that's doggy slobber!
Mommy: spit out the cheese stick....and Grace laughed hysterically! (since she was feeding that half to the dog!)

Enjoy! I should be stamping/scrapping this I hope to post more soon!

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