Sunday, March 02, 2008

A few more cards and stuff from the last few days...

I have been pretty busy the last few days and have not been able to post like I wanted to. Since I am starting my new job tody I wanted to make sure I had a lot of things done over the past week. On Saturday Madelyn and I went on a mini road trip. I had to go to Strongsville to pick up a piece of furniture, then since we were not too far away we rode over to Medina to hit up Hollos and Hobby Lobby.

Of course there was a detour and and then the signs just stopped so we drove around lost for an hour. Then we made it to Hollos where Madelyn realized that I was not lying when I told her it was an awesome paperstore! If you do not know, Hollos is a place where you pay $1 per pound of paper. Madelyn got about 3 pounds of paper and was in heaven. I picked up about 10 lbs of paper and now my paper rack is pretty full!

Then I found some really neat red glitterbased cardstock and some 12x12 glossy paper in light pink and blue. Then I found some metallic paper in red and reflective mirror paper! I can not wait to try them all out.

I also made another reflective card with a snowman! I used this card for inspiration. I just changed the colors to blue since its my favorite color. This was my second attempt at the reflection. I first used colored pencil but when I embossed it to give it a icy look the colors looked aweful. In this one I used watercolor pencils and CrystalLacquer, it distorted the colors a little, but not bad.
The background is embossed with my Cuttlebug and a Fiskars embossing plate.

Then I decided to do one of the challenges for the week from SCS. I enjoy doing these when I find time to do them. This challenge was the Sketch Challenge, click here, for the directions. I used a House Mouse stamp for this card. I also saw that some of the House Mouse stamps are now clear unmounted stamps at Hobby Lobby...I believe they were christmas and halloween! The mouse here is also flocked.

Lastly, before I post my last card from this past week. I am very tired from my first day back to work. Not to sure if it is the lack of sleep from last night (I was kinda anxious about today).
Or from being bored today. My new job entails my dept to keep forclosed properties maintained. Its a pretty basic job, but it keeps me busy. I will learn some more proceedures. I was told today that there may be a good chance to be hired on full time. I even heard that some people work from home doing what I would be doing. That would be a great thing!

Now, for my last card. I did yet another reflection card using the TAC set How Swell, I used the mirror reflective paper that I got at Hollos. I colored her with Prismacolor and Tria Pantone markers. I wish that I could have gotten a darker, more solid color from coloring on the reflective paper.

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