Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Update
Dakota and Brooke and doing well. We are currently having an issue of Dakota acting like she is hungry all night. I gave her a bottle at 5 am this morning then let her nurse and she slept 4 hours. Dakota now weights 5.5 lbs and Brooke weights 5 lbs. that is up 13 oz from the weight check 3 days prior. They go back to the doctor in a week for the 1 month check up next week.

It is hard to believe that they are almost a month old. Looking at the calender had I not delivered on my own this would have been the weekend that I would have been induced and able to bring my girls home.

Dakota is a solid child - chubby chubby. I can tell the difference in the girls in just their weight. Brooke is more petite but is so observant and loves to look around!

Their first bath was a little hetic - they do not like to be cold. Now, their first shower was much more calm for both me and them. I took each baby to the shower with me and they just loved it. Matt had to do the dressing and the calming of the other one and they were not so happy about being out of the warmth!

Yesterday I posted a slide show of the babies - enjoy!


peggysue said...

Sweeeeetttt! Love those little babies!

Toni said...

two cute babies...get it too cute..two cute...never mind LOL
i love the new blog are very talented

LLB said...

Hi Leona! Love your babies, and love your new blog look, too! You are just one amazing mama!