Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Photo ChallengeMy friend, Linda posted a comment here, challenging me to a Photo Challenge. Linda is a friend of mine from a stamping forum - where we are all self proclaimed Dorks.
Linda's challenge was to go to my photos folder, to the 6th folder, then to the 6th photo in that folder and upload it to my blog and then write something about the photo. So, that is what I have uploaded.

1. The photo was taken by myself - it was taken on 1/0/09.

2. It is of my youngest daughter Grace. She is getting her nails done as part of her 4th birthday present - a day with Mommy.

Now, I'm to pass on the challenge...The Challenge:
A. Open "my pictures" folder.
B. In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
C. Write something about the picture.
D. Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.
E. Put a link in their blog to let them know they are challenged.
I challenge the following people:
1 Pam
Have fun playing ladies :)

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LLB said...

Happy Blogversary!

I love that photo challenge card of Grace getting her nails done! So cute! See, now that wasn't so hard, was it? LOL