Thursday, January 22, 2009

29 wk Prego update!

I went to the doctor today for my 29wk check up. I am now on biweekly visits. The doctor told me today that I am holding up really well. She said that the worst thing for me right now would be bedrest - I am uncomfortable but just lying around would make me miserible. I had my Rhogram shot today so we are right on schedule with everything that needs to be done. The doctor sees great movement with both babies so we are happy!

I asked the doctor for the projected 'date' that I should stop working/have these babies. She asked for my opinion - I told her I'd like to work as long as possible. She said that she would not stop my labor if I start after February 24th. She said by that point I will be quite uncomfortable and the babies are growing so well that they will be ready to deliver by then with little complications. So, at this point I figure I will go on leave around the first week of March.
Now I will tell you a little about each baby:
Baby A - is on the right side. She is headdown and in perfect birthing position. She will more than likely be the first baby born. That means her name will be Brooke Lynn. She is weighting about 3lbs 2 oz. In accordance to her measurements she is measuring a few days ahead of schedule. She is very active and I feel her move the majority of the time that I do feel movement. My uterus is clear up under my ribs. At this point she weights exactly/about what a 'single' baby would way at this point of gestation.
Baby B - is on the left side. She is breech. Her head is actually located right under my ribs. She is camera shy and kept covering her face with her hands. She weights about 3lbs 6ozs. Her measurements are putting her at about 30 wks gestation. Because she will more than likely be the second one born, her name will be Dakota Mae. Currently I can deliver naturally. Even if Dakota does not flip - once Brooke is born Dakota may rotate on her own if not, she can still be born breech (feet first). I questioned that, but the doctor said because she'd be the 2nd twin it would not hurt for her to be born feet first as I will have already delivered one child.
So, I have about 6lbs 8 ozs of baby in me and I will have a goal to make it another 4-5 wks. The doctor said they are probably each a little bigger because the measurements are not right on. Knowing what I know about the girls I carry - each of them are measuring small but are actually much bigger. Madelyn was born at 8lbs 2.4 oz 19.5" long and Grace was born at 7 lbs 14 oz 21" long. Both only measured around 5-6 lbs prior to delivery.
Because I am having twins I was told today that I would be delivering them in the OR to be on the safe side. Matt and I have made the decision that the girls can watch the twins be born - so they will get to watch from behind one of those glass windows like you see on tv!
I gained another 6 lbs putting me at 178 lbs. The only thing I have to do is trust my instincts and know my limits. I will continue to take it easy and watch my carbs (since I am technically boarderline diabetic).
My baby shower or 'sprinkle' is Superbowl Sunday so I am getting excited about that and the fact that the babies are doing well and will be here soon. I am not sure how we will do it but I am sure that we will figure it out :)


Pam's Pride said...

I am so glad to hear things are going so well for you!! Whoa, those are going to be some big babies!! My baby measured 3 pounds 12 ounces two weeks ago at 33 weeks!! I hope you get lots of good stuff at your sprinkle!!

LLB said...

Leona, I love, love those sonogram photos of the sweet.

When you have time, I have named you for a photo challenge...see my blog for details ; )