Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's Splatter Paint Time!!

With the babies on the way and the hustle & bustle of Christmas and life - we are trying to keep the girls from feeling left out.

We had told the girls that once the extra bedroom had been vacated that we would move them to their new bedroom. We thought this would make them feel like they are a part of the babies being on the way.

We could not decide on how to paint the room - well the contractors just delivered all of the correct paint so we had a ton of colors to choose from but they did not want the room to be the same as the one that they are in. So we told them that we would let them splatter paint the walls. They are using 5-6 different colors on the walls - 2 pinks, 2 blues, an orange and purple.

We captured several picks for you too see - the girls seemed to enjoy throwing the paint on the walls.

Do not mind my outfit - my Troy firetruck pull shirt is getting a little snug - as you can see my belly fills it in nicely - but I am also wearing DH's boxers :)

I think the girls are wearing more paint then what is on the walls! After getting them out of the tub we had to put them in the shower just to get the paint chips rinsed off. There is an advantage to getting so big - Matt will have to clean the tub now :)

Well I am off to bed -Today has been a very long day - Tomorrow I should be able to get the stocking stuffers and the cards from the stamp a stack posted!

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LLB said...

Hi Leona! Thanks for sharing the photos of the girls painting...they look like they're having a great time! And you're definitely lookin' like twins now! But you look sooooo healthy! Not long now...let us know what the room looks like when you're finished...sounds cute.