Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grace's 4th Birthday!
This is the card I made for Grace. It is hard to believe that she is now 4. I do see her age in her along with the 2s and 3s :) Less temper tantrums - more "smarty pants" additude.

This card was created using the Disney Tinkerbell set, Prismacolor pencils and Gamasol. I have done this technique before, but I think I have better control of it now.

On Saturday - for both of the girl's Birthdays - we are getting our hair and nails (hair and eyebrows for me) done. They wanted a day to get pampered with me so that is what we are doing. Each year we have been trying to do something different for their "presents" because they are both practically Christmas babies that buying them something from the store just seems to be Christmas repeating itself. Last year they got to see High School Musical on Ice - this year we are staying closer to home and spending more time with each other. They both seem to enjoy that.
Here are a few photos from Grace's Birthday:

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Chef Mama said...

Look how sweet she is! What a big girl!