Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life is interesting to say the least...

That is something that crosses my mind when I reflect on this past weekend. My goals were to stamp and clean and get a lot of organizing done. Yesterday morning I got to sleep in with Matt, the first time in months and I woke to find out that I would possibly be meeting my nephew for the first time. I doubted it as we had hopes to meet him this past summer and it didn't happen.

To make a long and very detailed story My nephew Coy is 7 years old, 2 months and 4 days younger than Madelyn. His parents broke things off before he was born and then he was moved around and we lost track of them. In July we got a phone call that we had been waiting for for such a long time. Well around 11 yesterday morning I got to meet the little boy I had only seen a baby picture of. He was just an older taller version of that picture.

He looks just like Matt did when Matt was that age. It's amazing. He is a cheese lover like Matt, very in tune to video games like his dad. He loves to rough house like his dad and little brother.
When my brother in law brought his youngest son the house both Kayden and Coy embrassed like they had missed these each other all these years.

The kids were up until 2 am last night and we finally got them to wind down. It was a bittersweet moment when my father in law got to meet Coy as well with him being sick now. Today was another long day full of laughter and they just pulled out of here about 20 minutes ago.

5 cousins, it was great. Coy's mother has a total of 3 children, I got to meet his big sister Jocelyn and I only know her from pictures as well, but my brother in law cared for her like Matt does for Madelyn now. We haven't met Coy's younger brother...but was was interesting is that Coy now has 2 younger brothers, both with the same name, Kayden and Caden. We haven't meet Caden yet but when we do we will have 6 cousins under one roof!

Here are some pictures from our exciting weekend:

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