Monday, April 07, 2008

Just to catch you up from the last few weeks:
I wanted to take some time to post an update on here. I haven't really sat down to take the time to stamp or make anything creative with my hands in almost 3 weeks; a lot has been going on in a personal level.

Work has been on the rewarding side, as I am hoping to snag a position at the company that I am temping for. I have already applied for the 30 hour work from home position. This will be a great opportunity for me seeing that the gas prices keep going up!

I had a meeting at work, there was a meeting explaining a new bank that we would be working with and how that they will be filling 7-10 positions on our team. I am excited about this as this gives me a great chance to get a full time job. I also have to take the civil service test for the county sherrif's dept in April in which I will take because there is lag time in thier hiring process. I figure it would be something to fall back on if this new position does not fall through. I also got a call from Walmart to schedule an things are looking up in the employment arena.

Easter was good for us. The girls seems to have gobbled up their baskets of candy before we had gotten out of bed. They also had their easter dresses on and cover in chocolate by that time as well. We didn't get very many pictures of the girls so I will have to take some of them soon. I did have some pictures of the dyeing easter eggs. They each picked out their own dye kits from the store and got to color 2.5 dz each.

My mom came over for Easter, I think it was good for her because she doesn't see the girls often. Plus I made extra of all the meals and froze them for her so that she could take them home. I hate going over there and seeing an empty refridgerator and empty beer bottles laying everywhere. He roommates do not have their priorities is a greater necessity. My mom has an excuse the government expects her to live on 299 a month (my deceased fathers pension), and will not give her foodstamps until she goes to the GED classes they set up for her. My mom is the type of person that you can ask her "whould you like to get your GED?" and she says yes. With her disability her IQ is less than 70 and so she is very gullible and has little reasoning skills. Needless to say she does not drive and they expect her to use what little money she has for public transportation that will only get her to the classes as they do not run after 6pm....for her to sit in a class and zone out because she can not read and writes very would be a waste of her time and the teachers time. She could definantly use a tutor of sorts to work on some reading skills because she does have the ability to read a higher reading level than what she is now.

My father in law has made it through this week doing pretty well. Chemo started a few weeks ago and he was achy and was pretty sleepy for a few days. I am just glad that he has gotten meds to help with any nausea that he may have. We are also watching all the germs flying around her to make sure he doesn't catch one of the girls bugs. His next treatment is next week.

Matt is a month away from finishing his medics class! This is something I know that we are both ready for. I can not wait to hear the day that he is hired full time on a department!

I spent all of last week building my desk. A few bruises and scratched later and here it is:

I also got my my hair cut and highlighted this past week, the hair looks good, but my new picture at the top of the page doesn't do me justice!

Last but not least, who is not enjoying this warm weather?? Here are a few pics of the girls from this evening:

I hope to be updating with some projects that I have in mind! I hope you all stop buy soon to check them out!

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