Saturday, April 19, 2008

I got to stamp some today...Donald Duck Signiture Book Swap.

I can tell that I am not feeling my best and it shows in my pages today. I am not sure how I want to fix these up, but I am not that pleased with these pages for a swap that I am in.

There is one thing that I do like is my Donald, on this I used one of those mini fine point sharpies to have the cricut draw Donald for me (for those of you that want to try this, I suggest that you get out your scotch tape and tape a band around the sharpie because they are not thick enough to sit in the blade/marker holder, so I rigged it to be thicker so that it could draw). After the cricut drew it for me then I had it cut it for me as well but re-running it back through the cricut. Then I used my Tria Pantone and Prismacolor markers to color Donald.

It is hard to see in the picture (my zoom on my camera is not working at the moment) but the Yellow 6x6 page is stamped with stars in yellow and the Gray background is like a corrgated paper. Here is the picture:

Check out the pictures below of Grace, yes that is her sharing a push-up pop with LG! Gross!

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