Friday, September 04, 2009

Hey everyone! I am still breathing - just been really busy!
I wanted to share the great deals I got today - stuff the bag for $5
The local scrapbook store is in the process of moving so they had a specal - anything you can fit into a paperbag is yours for $5. So, I got there and they hand me a lunch bag - this is gonna be fun.So, Madelyn and I stuffed the bag!!
I got:a 12 month scrapbook calender
several months of rub ons for the calender
st patricks day stickers
canvas quote stickers
cardstock pieces
rubon bar codes
cardstock stickers
chip-paper tags
pocket tags
Dye for the melting pot
scrapbook paint (2)
2 stamps
metal charms
more rub ons
embossing template
misc stickers
cd tin album template
I totalled up the prices - about $162 for $5 - Not bad at all!! This does not count the stuff the Madelyn already took out of the bag and the stuff that did not have a price on them! I was siked and fun with Madelyn. You can see the goodies below: I have also started another blog: this is a personal blog to follow as I complete my list of 101 things in 1001 days. One of my things to do was to post to this blog weekly - well I haven't done that yet since I started - so to keep this one going it is my goal to post 143 times in 1001 days - averages to be weekly but since I have fallen behind I will post extra times as I can. I have lots of projects to complete so I will have things to write about on here and share with you while I complete my list!


peggysue said...

I am amazed at everything you managed to fit in the bag! What fun!

Catrules said...

Wow you hit the Jackpot!! Sweet!!!