Sunday, May 18, 2008

Graduation went well...
I am so proud of Matt, 9 months was a long time, but I am glad that he has finally completed his Paramedics course. He accomplished a lot in the last few years! Grace had decided to make a comment every 5 seconds because she wanted to sit with daddy :) I found out today that Matt was the only person in his class to have children and 1 of 2 to be married. Some of the instructors made it seem like they were still lucky to be standing as the class is so grueling and time demanding. :)
Today we also got a new member to the family: Scooby Doo

And of course Madelyn had to have a picture holding him:

And Grace:

Nemo (our hampster) is still MIA, I am not sure if she will be found...we will be watching the cats activites as the last time Nemo got out of her cage the cats spent the whole day near the stove and we found her in my bread pan sleeping :)

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