Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sewing is another hobby of mine. Back when I was in high school I made two of my prom dresses. One was a hunter green velvet fitted dress. It was lined with rhinestones and had a slit up the left leg. The other dress was royal blue, spaghetti straps, empire waist. It had little white roses hand sewn into the trim.

For Christmas I made all 4 girls jammy pants. I also made the older two peace sign t-shirt. Then I made hubby his own pj set. The twins pants are so big (It is better that they grow into them as they have a ton of pjs already) that I do not have pics of theirs yet. I wanted to share a few pics with you...they are not the best as they were taken in the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning.

Here is another picture that I wanted to share - Matt and the girls made me a poster and then the photos were taken so that when I opened my new camera - Its a Nikon Coolpixs L110 - One that Ashton Kutcher advertises on TV (Whoo Hoo - LOL) - It was a very sweet thing for Matt to do for me!

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