Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello to anyone out there that is still checking out my blog. It has been awhile since I have posted or even thought about it. I have not been posting to either of my blogs, stamping, scrapbooking, sewing - nothing for months. Between work, the kids, the house and all of the projects that seems to need done around the house the more enjoyable stuff that I like to do has taken a back burner. I have cut some squares for Madelyn's quilt and I have clean up the art room (seeing as it has been the 'catchall' room) so that I can start prepping to take things with me on vacation/weekend camping trips. I think once our camper is ready to camp in and our yardsale has happened - I may have some time to get back to ejoying my will still happen at nap or bedtime for the babies as otherwise they are all hands in my projects :) One would think that the first yr of life with twins would be hard - I am thinking its year two! They are all over the place wether it is climbing, crawling, walking and even a fast almost run!

Again thank you if you are a follower and check in regularly - I appreciate it. I hope to again keep up with this blog and keep this promise to myself. My other blog - has a goal for me to post so many times to my blog in 1000 days. So - I really need to do this - for many reason....but mainly to keep up with things that I start and see it to the finish!! Come back soon! I hope to have something for you!

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Karen Lynn said...

Isn't it funny how life gets in the way of our fun? I was hoping to stamp tonight, but by the time I got to it I didn't have the energy anymore.