Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Moring Everyone! I haven't posted in awhile - so I figured I would post something to catch everyone up :)

Life is as busy as always - if it wasn't it would be a problem - right? :)

To start - I finally got the twins birth announcements ordered. I hope to get them in the mail soon too - It seems every time I go to sit and start writing out the envelopes - someone needs me!

I really love how the announcements turned out - it matches their bedroom.Speaking of their bedroom - they should be moving into their bedroom with in the next month. Matt still has to paint the ceiling - it is purple from when Grace and Madelyn were in there. They are still co-sleeping. Brooke sleeps through the night - from about 8pm to 6:30 am. Dakota still wakes for a feeding. Since she nurses well I just lay her next to me and she eats what she wants and we both sleep. Speaking of nursing - Brooke is finally nursing again. So she snacks in between bid feedings - she is chubbing up too! I am impressed with myself that my breasts have not fallen off - the twins get about 30-40 oz a day to share from me and I supplement with formula. I can't belive that they will be 16 wks on Sat.

Here are some more photos of the twins - Brooke is first and third. Dakota is second and forth.

Pregnancy hormones - or coming down from them are still driving me crazy. I feel like I am 13 again going through puberty. Work is well - I think my body is finally adjusted to being back. I was lucky to not lose any pay when I took my demotion to stay home to work. I am just the 'project person' at work that they call to do things. I will also get the opportunity to go to the office when they need me.

Grace and Madelyn are doing well. Grace starts preschool in the fall - all day every day so that will be good for her. She will definatly need the practice before Kindergarden. She is doing well with the babies and always like to help with getting their binki's or diapers. Madelyn is great with the twins - she will hold one while I hold the other. I will miss her when she goes back to school in the fall.

Here are some photos of the girls:

And then the girls with the twins:

Let's see - our salt water aquarium burst and we spent the wee hours of the morning trying to save what we could. Matt is reconsidering the army rather than the marines for a career change. I am still hoping that he continues with the Fire Departments. Our pool pump has decided to kick the bucket and taxes and insurance have increased causing the mortgage to go up $400. My laundry is piled a mile high on the dining room table to fold and my studio looks like a tornado hit it. So I really need to find time to get this stuff done.

I am having a Partylite Party on Sat to help Matt's mom start her business - please come for the ice cream and candles! It will be fun to hang out!

Oh and lastly, Matt and I restarting p90x again - we stopped due to his surgery (no more babies for us) so it will be nice to get back to that. I promise to update sooner next time :)

**it took me several days just to finish this post - I started it on 6/10 and finished it on 6/17 - I need to get better at this!


BethH said...

Aren't they all just darling little girls! So sweet! Just adorable.

Linda Borneman said...

Hi Leona! What precious pix of the 4 girls! Dakota and Brooke are growing so much! And I just love their little cheeks! Awww! And your older girls with Brooke and Dakota -- those photos are just precious and sweet! Thank you for sharing your blessings with us!